Our son, Drew, has been working out individually with Mr. Gill for a little over two years now. It’s been fun as a parent to watch our son transfer what he has learned during training to actual game performance. Fundamental skill development is off the charts — Mr. Gill has a keen sense of when to throw more at our son and push him to develop skills at another level. Yet, in doing so, always makes the workouts enjoyable and fun.

During sessions there is time spent talking about work ethic, mental toughness and KYP (know your personnel). The ability to teach things at a kid level so they can easily grasp and understand it is a strength of Mr. Gill. More than anything else, our son respects him and looks up to him as a role model and, as a result, he buys into everything that is being taught. The return on investment of training with Mr. Gill the past few years has been significant and we plan to stick with it well into the future.
— Brett Walker, Parent
I have had the pleasure of representing Eddie Gill throughout his entire NBA and professional career in basketball. I have never found anyone to be more of a student of the game than Eddie.
While he is a terrific talent, it is truly his work ethic and attention to detail in perfecting his skill level
that has allowed him to have had such a successful career as a professional basketball player.
I have no doubt that he will be a huge success in transferring his work ethic and enthusiasm
for the game of basketball to all the young people he comes in contact with.
— Mark Bartelstein, NBA Agent